This is NaSPA's Corporate Member Page!

This is the first time in its 30-year history, NaSPA offers Corporate Memberships!  Your organization provides a product, service software, hardware, or other item of interest to network, mainframe, telecommunications, information systems, technical management, or business continuity professionals. Educational institutions are included in this category.  A Corporate Member receives the following for their support:

Other benefits:

  • All of the benefits of a Full Voting Member, including the ability to start a NaSPA chapter. The Corporate Member need only agree to a code of conduct and agree to keep the meetings professional (e.g. not only a sales pitch)
  • THREE email blasts to NaSPA Members and Magazine recipients each year and a 25% discount on additional email blasts.  (Regular price is $1500 each)
  • The ability to submit tasteful and relevant content for publication as an article in Technical Support Magazine.  It MAY, subject to conditions, deal with your organization’s specific product or service.
  • If your article is accepted, a Corporate Member will receive a complimentary ¼ page advertisement in Technical Support Magazine (regular price $750) or an upgrade to a full page ad for $750 (regular price $1500).
  • Preference in speaking engagements at the annual NaSTEC conference.
  • A 25% discount on a table or booth at the annual NaSTEC conference.
  • Inclusion of your logo and link on the sponsorship page of the NaSPA Web Site.
  • A prominent (front page of NaSPA Web Site) banner (Regular price $1500)
  • Ten complimentary Full Voting Memberships. (Regular price is $840)

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For years NaSPA also published NaSPA Network Support Magazine.  Are you interested in resurrecting Network Support Magazine? Let us hear from you. Contact us at editor@naspa.online. Use the buttons below to browse through the Technical Support Magazine issues and our extensive Software Library.