NY Metro Metro NaSPA Chapter Meeting

NY Metro NaSPA Chapter meeting is on Wednesday, 5 October, 2016, at the usual location: Room 1219 in the IBM Building at 590 Madison Avenue, NYC. While the agenda has not been finalized, we have these sessions confirmed:

"Becoming the center of the Business Cloud Universe", Frank DeGilio, IBM

Abstract: Cloud is growing up. No longer focused on providing cheap Linux instances, Cloud is increasingly focused on providing new capabilities quickly, with security and availability at a low cost. With this goal, the differences that have marked the mainframe as a liability, become a strength to be embraced. How do you leverage this to become the linchpin of your businesses cloud strategy? This session will talk about what you need to do to become the center of the Business Cloud Universe.

About the speaker: Frank J. DeGilio is a Distinguished Engineer from IBM’s worldwide Client Technology Centers with a global focus on client enterprise infrastructures. He is the IBM System and Technology Group’s Chief Architect for Cloud Computing. Prior to joining IBM, Mr. DeGilio worked as a computer and systems analyst for Donaldson, Lufkin and Jenrette where he wrote code and provided connections between the distributed computing community and the mainframe community. In 1996, he left the development community to work in the New Technology Center where he helped customers leverage the latest technologies in their mainframe environments. In 1999, DeGilio left the New Technology Center to build the IBM Design Center, which helps customers architect and design optimized IT Infrastructures. Today his work focuses on providing enterprise-wide cloud solutions to clients who are interested in leveraging cloud computing."

"Seriously? JSON parsing and HTTP services in native z/OS? Absolutely!", Steve Warren, IBM

Abstract: The world is rapidly changing. REST API interfaces and web applications are growing at an astronomical rate as a uniform way of getting at data and resources. But how can a native z/OS application participate with such interfaces and leverage this kind of interaction? The answer is: not easily until now! Introducing the new z/OS Client Web Enablement Toolkit, which provides a native z/OS client running in just about any environment with core operating system APIs that easily enable an application to add REST API interfaces by providing both an HTTP enabler and JSON services. Your legacy or new application (written in COBOL, PL/I, C, or Assembler) can now, thru the use of a set of simple APIs, easily access these services. 

This session will introduce the toolkit, show some of its features, and demonstrate how a program can quickly leverage a REST API interface without having to deal with socket programming, implementing all the nuances of the HTTP architecture, or having to understand the intricacies of how to deal with such things as cookies, redirects, proxies and SSL By the end of the session, you will see that all z/OS applications can now have REST APIs easily within their grasp!

About the speaker: Steve has worked for IBM in the Systems group z/OS development organization for over 25 years. He has considerable experience in many areas of z/OS, including his current role as the Technical Lead for both the z/OS BCPii and z/OS Client Web Enablement Toolkit components of z/OS. Steve is an accomplished speaker, having spoken around the world in many locations on a variety of z/OS topics.

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Please expect a follow-up note next week with additional details. 

Thanks! - Mark Mark Nelson, CISSP®, CSSLP®
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