This is NaSPA's Full Voting Member Page!

Full Voting Members are the only NaSPA Members who can start a NaSPA chapter, elect a new NaSPA Board, or serve on a Board for either NaSPA or the NaSPA Education Fund. They enjoy all of the benefits enjoyed by Basic Members.  In addition, plus the following: 

Other benefits:

  • Up to five (5) complimentary Basic Memberships for your spouse or direct family members such as kids in college. (No need to make a donation)  Email memberships@naspa.com. 
  • Access a 30 year old NaSPA software library contributed over the years by NaSPA members. If you have ever searched for an old piece of code for your legacy equipment - as many of us have - you will understand!  
  • Contribute your own more recent software patches and code for additional recognition and to aid other members.  If accepted, your next year’s Membership is complimentary.
  • Enjoy discounts on advertising and Job Placement ads and other elite benefits.
  • First consideration for articles for Technical Support Magazine, first preference for speaking engagements at NaSTEC, NaSPA Reunions, and other functions.  If accepted, next year’s Membership is complimentary.
  • By-invitation Cocktail reception at the NaSTEC trade show or NaSPA reunions.
  • A “yourname"@naspa.online email address for you and up to five (5) family members. Use the form below to request your email account(s).

Use the button below to browse through the Technical Support Magazine issues and our software library.

For years NaSPA also published NaSPA Network Support Magazine.  Are you interested in resurrecting Network Support Magazine? Let us hear from you. Contact us at editor@naspa.online. Use the buttons below to browse through the Technical Support Magazine issues and our extensive Software Library.