Associates and Student Members (Donation based)

NaSPA Associates and Students receive our award-winning Technical Support Magazine (electronic format) and a FREE NaSPA Thrift Benefits prescription card.  They can also access our extraordinary EMPLOYMENT WEBSITE.  Both are free.  In order to receive many of our other promotions and discounts on a regular basis however, you must make a small donation to NaSPA on the sign up page below. This is so we can validate you as a real person, but also because every dollar helps a non-profit like NaSPA.  

No member certificate is issued except as described here:   For a donation of $12.00 we will e-mail you a handsome color certificate that you can print out and display in your office as a proud NaSPA Associate or Student Member. If you would rather be a NaSPA Member rather than an Associate, you must sign up for at least the Basic Membership, level which is $24.00 a year.

Note: NaSPA has a huge website repository of over 4000 articles dating back to 1987 and a vast software repository of patches, shortcuts, programs, games, and other items. Member Access to these and other services is available only to NaSPA Full Voting Members. If you wish to access these materials you will need to consider the NaSPA Full Voting Membership of $96.00 a year.

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